"Salut" cinema

This is the cinema where you’ll be able to watch the competition films, so the jury will be in full-swing. You’ll also find some of the non-competitive sessions here.

The Salut cinema is one of the oldest in Russia, having begun its story in 1910 under the name “Stella Nord”. In 1939, the cinema was renamed “Iskra” and finally, in 1969, became “Salut”. It’s a part of the past, the present and the future of our town, and we’re very proud of it!

Size: 2 theaters: 258 seats and 60 seats.
Address: 12 Lenina St., Vologda, Russia, 160000
Landline tel.:: +7 (8172) 72-26-54
E-mail: salutvologda@mail.ru
Web-site: www.salutkino.ru