VOICES from the South Eastern Europe

In Europe, any voice coming from the island doesn't automatically mean that something from the Great Britain is in focus: news about film, events, football matches or the new movie star could be probably born in the UK, but as well in a different places. Apart from Iceland, Ireland, UK, large Mediterranean lands of Corsica, Sicily and Sardinia, thousand Croatian islands, there are some kind of islands - natural or synthetic in the hearth of Europe. In this geopolitical island life is flowing with different velocity comparing with the main life streams in the rest of Europe.

In that sense, former Yugoslavia was almost for two decades an example of a "different" territory, but not very attractive as a political climate, rather picturesque and energetic, but not easy place for living. Fortunately, like in the Gym - "If the weight is heavier, muscles have a better shape", cinema made in former Yugoslav countries was always attractive and represented a good taste and significant works.

Parallel with the new talents working in former Yugoslav countries, awakening of the film springs came to Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Albania, VOICES, Festival of European films in Vologda decided to have in focus cinema made in some of the South Eastern European countries, to present significant window shop and at the same time a mirror of rich voices and styles, offering a colorful bouquet of new films.

VOICES, Festival of European Film has the idea to present the individual paths of young film makers, with a discrete intention to announce crystallization of the new wave in Romanian, Croatian, Serbian, Greek cinema, to emphasize simple, but important fact that a new generation of film makers, without neglecting artistic values of their films, have the idea to attract the wider audience. 

VOICES Film Festival is especially proud to have in Vologda Mirjana Karanović, famous Serbian actress and a film director who took a leading part in important films made in Yugoslavia and also in former Yugoslav Republics - in films by Emir Kusturica, Goran Paskaljević, VinkoBrešan, Goran Marković.

Mirjana Karanović recently received in Moscow The International Cinematic Award "East-West. Golden Arc" for her acting and directing and her life career. It is wonderful to meet her in this very moment in Vologda.

Miroljub Vučković